children’s menu
breakfast menu


Beef Tartare

Beef / pickles / mustard / Shimeji mushrooms / egg yolk / bread / homemade butter

34 zł

Waffle with goat cheese

Potato waffle / local goat cheese / pickled beetroots / figs / herbs

28 zł

Baked celery with broccoli and cheese crumble

Baked celery / broccoli and blue cheese crumble / roasted cabbage sauce / parsley gel

26 zł

Salmon carpaccio with marinated fennel

Salmon carpaccio / marinated fennel / compressed cucumber / wasabi mayonnaise / radish

29 zł

Snack board

Blue cheese / dried sausage / nuts / olives / red onion jam / fig and apricot jam

60 zł


Barley soup

Barley soup with duck stock / vegetables / duck meatballs

15 zł

Vegetable soup

Vegetable stock / fresh vegetables / herbs

15 zł

Chef’s soup

Every week different Chef’s proposal (ask the Restaurant’s staff for more information)

15 zł


Książęca salad

Grilled chicken breast / lettuce / salami chips / Caesar sauce / Bursztyn cheese / herbal croutons

36 zł

Salad with romaine cabbage and sous-vide egg

Fried romaine cabbage served on buttermilk / Soy sauce / honey / bread topped with onions / sous-vide egg / compressed courgette 

31 zł


Tagliatelle pasta with beef

Tagliatelle pasta / beef / spicy tomatoes / fresh spinach

36 zł

Potato dumplings with oyster mushroom

Potato dumplings / oyster mushroom cream sauce / spinach / truffle oil

32 zł

Dumplings with cottage cheese and potatoes

Dumplings with cottage cheese and potatoes / peas and leek mousse /  duck lard topping

25 zł


King prawns

7 Tiger prawns / Bursztyn cheese / salsa / rocket salad

59 zł

Tuna Steak

Tuna steak / wakame salad / chimchurri sauce / lemon butter

69 zł

Roastbeef Steak

Seasoned roastbeef / spinach butter / baked potatoes / salads and sauces

85 zł

Rump steak

Seasoned rump steak / spinach butter / baked potatoes / salads and sauces

85 zł

Main Courses

Legendary Burger

Beef burger / butter roll / bacon / caramelized onion / tomato / pickle / mustard / French fries

44 zł

Spicy Chicken Wings

Chicken wings marinated in buttermilk / French fries / cheese sauce

26 zł

Chicken brest with green peas purée and fresh vegetables

Chicken breast / green peas and leek puree / fresh vegetables / roasted cabbage sauce

35 zł

Piece of meat with potato cake

Sous-vide pork shoulder / marinated cabbage / smoked peppers mousse / colourful cauliflowers

32 zł

Pork tenderloin with green risotto coating

Sous-vide pork tenderloin / butter risotto with broad bean and peas / roasted onion / tarragon sauce

39 zł

Duck breast with salad and blackberry

Sous-vide duck breast / Duchess’s potatoes / fried romaine lettuce / blackberry sauce / confit tomatoes

59 zł

Kids Menu


Tomato soup with noodles

10 zł

Chicken Nuggets served with French fries and cucumber salad (cucumber, sour cream, spices)

24 zł

Potato dumplings with butter

10 zł

Chicken breast with mashed potatoes

16 zł

Pork tenderloin strips with potatoes and cucumber salad (cucumber, sour cream, spices)

22 zł

Spaghetti with butter

10 zł

Spaghetti Bolognese 

14 zł



Buffet breakfasts with drinks are served in the following hours:
Monday – Friday from 6:30 to 10:30
Saturday  – Sunday from 7:00 to 11:00

eat as much as you want for 45 PLN



Chocolate cake with strawberry ice-cream

16 zł

Lasagne with pollen ice cream and seasonal fruits gel

16 zł

Meatless dishes
More pleasure

Wine carD

Check out the selection of fine wines available in the restaurant.

Sophisticated dishes are waiting for you. We recommend dishes served on a hot stone. Check also the other specials.

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